i-INFO from Apex Innovations, Inc., provides patented tools for online, real time information access, information management, communication and collaboration within and between organizations, to assist member agencies for daily functions, as well as emergency capabilities. The system is designed automate processes for collaborative use and to selectively and securely share information between organizations.

Key to the success of i-INFO, each member organization owns and manages their information; which includes deciding what is entered and shared within the network. This way, organizations can maintain the privacy of any of their records while selectively sharing contact information, emergency plans, any type of resource and other important information with designated organizations in their network or in other networks across the region…or across the country.

Collaborative Community

i-INFO allows participating members to create collaborative communities across agencies, across regions or across the country, with the ability to work using a common platform and securely share information with others. Perfect for creating and maintaining regional plans and resources for large scale emergency response, mutual aid planning, as well as creating and maintaining a community knowledgebase of emergency and non-emergency information.

Daily Activities

Licensed users can have access to all modules within the i-INFO system, including many daily use functions. This allows users to register individuals to receive emergency notifications, manage physical assets, track fleet maintenance, verify and track employee credentials and licenses, maintain a contact database or an online library of documents, and use any system function while keeping their information private.

Always Connected

Users are always connected to the up-to-date information they need to get things done. The i-INFO contact database is automatically updated and with minimal effort can maintain a community knowledgebase with no more wrong names or numbers.

Always Available

From work or from home or anywhere in between, if you can access the internet, you can easily access your information.

Always Secure

i-INFO is hosted in a Tier 3 Facility, with redundant power, connectivity, processing, storage and on-line support.

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