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Mi‑Credentials: At a Glance



  • Credentials maintained by person and/or their agencies

    • Direct entry

    • Self-registration

  • Extensive database of nationally recognized credentials

  • Upload electronic copy for each credential or select from library

  • Verification by one or multiple 2nd & 3rd party agencies

    • Information accuracy

    • Capabilities and qualifications

  • Generate consistent ID badges using intelligent rules engine

    • Local agency badges

    • Standardized regional responder IDs

    • Accountability ID tags

    • Conference ID badges / name tags

    • Re-entry IDs for disaster recovery

  • Secure real-time in-field authenticity check



  • Keep up-to-date through manual and automated profile update request

  • Reminders and escalation process ensures responsiveness for updates


System Access

  • Access from anywhere, any device with an Internet connection

  • Operates using the 5 most popular browsers

  • Mobile accessible app for in-field verification via smartphone & tablet



  • Integrates seamlessly with

    • Communication, People, Badge and Registry functions

  • System API allows manual or automated update of staff and responder records

Mi-Credentials offer benefits for both individuals and organizations. For the individual, the system provides an online record of classes, credentials and accomplishment in one permanent place to create a personal portfolio of skills. For organizations, it provides a way to manage and confirm the credentials needed to grant badge information and access to the right individuals. When used across regions or states, it allows groups to create and enforce standards about who can have access to information, to emergency situations or to locations based on prearranged and prescreened requirements. 


Key Capabilities

Easily create and maintain any sort of regional or state-wide standardized ID system based on mutually agreed upon standards. These Regional ID/Badges can also be used for daily badging, making them very familiar to all users so that in a mass emergency, they are immediately recognizable. Secure but accessible technology removes the need for expensive badge readers while providing the ability to quickly confirm authenticity. In addition to IDs and Badges for responders and employees, this system economically allows for badging volunteers and preparing and issuing a variety of long term or short term situation based passes for limited entry to restricted areas.


Ease of Use

Information about issuing agency, address, contact information, rank, credentials and certifications can be entered directly by the individual or via upload. After credential and certification verification is made by a designated party, badges can be issued immediately. In an emergency, the same system can be used to quickly create passes for shelters, emergency scenes or damage sites. Automatic reminders related to badge or credential expiration dates alert users and agencies that updates are needed.


System Integration

Badges can be printed using any printer and can be used with a variety of magnetic or electronic access control systems. When combined with systems that are integrated with the i-INFO system, access control can be easily managed, with access granted or denied based on role, situation or time of day. 




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