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Mi‑Events: At a Glance



  • Access from anywhere, any device with an Internet connection

  • Create and manage any appointment events

    • Medical dispensing clinics

    • Health screening clinics

    • Volunteer centers

  • Signup for single timeslot, or multiple sessions

  • Create standard templates to simplify new events setup

  • Add event timeslots, dates and/or locations to existing events

  • Optional integrated online screening to determine

    • Eligibility for appointment

    • Appropriate medications

  • Manage and print event roster

  • Event registry link automatically generated from event creation

  • Event registry link can be added to any website and distributed through emails

  • Registrant can sign up as an individual or a group/household

  • Consent form auto generated from registration

  • Send messages to registrant groups through Mi-Communications



  • Automated notifications for both registrants and event organizer

  • Unique PIN for each registrant to change or cancel registration

  • Automated event reminders (up to 3) for each registrant


Using the Mi-Events function, agencies place registries online for the general public or targeted groups to register individually, as families or as larger groups for events such as vaccination clinics, emergency shelters or even conferences or volunteer training. Registrants choose from available locations, dates and times where events will be held. Any required information or consent forms can be immediately emailed to registrants, along with confirmation notices and reminders of the location, date and time that individuals are scheduled to arrive. 


Key Capabilities

Manage a single event or a larger multi- day, multi-session conference easily and efficiently. Attendee registration options can include screening questions for events such as vaccination clinics or specific training events to automatically direct participants into the correct section or track. Registration can be limited and closed when preset numbers are reached. Employee and volunteer registration can be created based on registrant numbers, to assure proper staff/attendee rations. Printed permission forms, instructions, badges, passes or conference materials can be downloaded by registrants at the time of registration or prepped and ready for distribution by staff, based on registrant information.


Mobile Access

Authorized users can manage events using mobile devices to set up registration, view status of registration as to how many and what times people have registered and send out messages to registrants and staff related to the event. Auto notifications as people register or as maximum registry limits are sent to event organizers so they are always informed as to status of the event. Any changes related to weather or other emergencies can be reported to registrants from any device with internet access.


System Integration

As part of the overall i-INFO system, registration for events can trigger myriad events aimed at simplifying all aspects of registering for, attending or managing a particular event. Registrants create user names and passwords, allowing them to change or cancel their registration if needed. Mi-Events is connected to other functions in the i-INFO system, so event managers can set up document distribution or access to agendas, schedules, instructions or any type of document. The system also allows for auto notification, reminders, creation of badges based on attendee attributes defined by the event hosts, a roster to confirm attendance, automatic mailing lists for after event contact, and reports for after event analysis.  




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