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Apex Innovations, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation established in March of 2002. We are a software firm that develops and deploys a unique software product called i-INFO, which is used for dynamically sharing information and processes between organizations. Apex’s main offices and back-up computer center are located in Olathe, Kansas, on the south side of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The primary production hosting facility used to provide the i-INFO Cloud is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our customers are organizations and groups that want user-controlled information sharing in a secure web environment. Apex Innovations has successful projects in both the public and private sectors from coast to coast. Our projects range from mass notifications and communication to asset sharing for mutual aid across regions. We offer over 70 functions to users,  and work to adapt existing functions to meet new needs. Our projects focus on meeting the needs of the organizations we serve, a list which includes councils of government, counties, municipalities, first responder departments, public-private partnerships, not for profit groups, associations, businesses and utilities. 
Our networks have expanded to include thousands of system users from hundreds of organizations coast to coast. These groups have registered tens of thousands of resources in the system and continue daily to build a knowledgebase of regional information for their communities
The  i-INFO system is used to create automated processes for collaborative use and to assist with selectively and securely sharing information between individuals, departments or organizations. We look forward to helping you find the best way to do this for your organization. 
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