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Mi‑Profile: At a Glance



  • Access from anywhere, any device with an Internet connection

  • Each person manages their own personal profile with login

  • Input / update personal information

    • Profile photo

    • Home Info

    • Work Info

  • Maintain multiple points of contacts

  • Keep up-to-date through manual and automated profile update request

  • Any changes immediately accessible to all i-INFO Apps


Opt-In / Opt-Out

  • Manage notifications on selected communications

  • Personalize weather alert preferences by category and severity


Credential Tracking:

  • Maintain detailed credential information

    • Licenses

    • Certifications

    • Training certificates

  • Upload electronic images

  • Update replacement credentials


Security Info

  • Change username / password and security keyword / reminder

  • Download mobile app to receive & respond to notices 

Mi-Profile allows all users with a log in to manage their own information, from contact information for area residents signing up for local information or emergency mass notification to employees or volunteers managing their credentials and education on line to allow their agencies to know their qualifications or manage their badging. Each person owns and manages their individual information, and can edit or add to it as needed over time. Users know they will receive the information they sign up to receive, because they know their contact information is up to date and they don’t have to rely on others to make the changes. They know they always have documentation of credentials and classes taken in their profile, with copies of licenses and certificates scanned and included in their file for third party confirmation.   


Contact Info / Updates

Virtual exercises or scheduled automatic update notifications remind users to update their information and ensure each person stays connected and accessible. These tests help ensure that firewalls, filters and email addresses have not changed and still allow contact by the system. When individual users participate in a test or exercise, not only does the system confirm their contact information is still accurate, it confirms their ability to receive and access secure information. Any anomalies are reported to sending organizations automatically for follow- up.


Perpetual Assurance

Active profiles are never removed. As long as a user has confirmed their contact information within the last 12 months, their information will remain in the system for their access. If a volunteer or employee leaves an organization they can still access their credentials and education certificates, and can use the system as an electronic portfolio for easier tracking of their credentials.


Key Credentials

In addition to contact information, appropriate users can maintain skills, training, credentials, experience, emergency medical information and other data directly into their own Personal Profile. While these exercises act as a reminder to update information, any user can update their own personal profile information at any time by logging in to the system.


Security Controls

Profile information can be used to define security roles. When used in combination with an automated access control systems, it provides a quick and easy way to allow or prohibit access based on the individual person, based on role or based on situation.


Weather Notices

A user name and password is all it takes to sign up to receive information in participating areas. Signing up for alerts from the National Weather Service, as well as Emergency Notifications or local information about outages or events is easily managed using the i-INFO system.


System Integration

When i-INFO is used across a region, individuals can maintain their information and allow access by different groups, and groups can maintain different information about an individual without rekeying contact information at any point. A person’s record can be securely managed and shared based on role within each organization, so while a main place of employment may have access to credentials and employee information, a volunteer organization might only have access to contact information and volunteer skills. Meanwhile, using the same log in information, the individual can define what emergency notifications are of interest. 


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