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Mi‑Boards: At a Glance




  • Create a dashboard and publish content specific to communities of interest

  • Specify dashboard link for easy access and distribution

  • Customize color scheme, banner, layout and content type of a dashboard

  • Designate city for current weather condition and notices

  • Set up different content for public visitor and authorized users

  • Dashboard pages from one site can be shared with other dashboards

  • Set up list of authorized users to maintain dashboard content

  • Multiple users can be working on and publishing content files at the same time

  • Intelligence to prevent newer content from overwritten by older files

  • Keep dashboard published while content being modified in a staging area

  • Preview updated content in staging area before publishing


The Mi-Dashboards function allows users to customize the layout of information for their login site and authorized dashboard managers can create and publish content specific to their communities of interest.


The Mi-Dashboards function provides a mechanism for participating members to create and distribute web content for the purposes of both educating and hopefully connecting with one or several agencies, key contacts and resources from various types of targeted groups within the community.  The solution provides both a public view to encourage new agencies and community leaders to understand regional goals and join forces to meet these goals, as well as a secured view for authorized users to access private information and collaborative tools used through the community. 



Key Capabilities

In addition to content, the Mi-INFO Dashboard provides instant access to network information including: community directories, update links, communications, calendars, resource maps and other applications directly from the desktop. This keeps authorized users connected to their information network. Administrators provide RSS feeds to distribute information via the dashboard to users across their network or to specific agencies.




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