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Mi‑People: At a Glance


  • Manage any type of people record, including

    • staff, responders, volunteers,

    • key contacts, customers, event attendees

  • Advanced duplicate person check,  ensures each record is unique

  • Each person can be associated with one or multiple organizations

  • Manage people records, for

    •  a single department/division, or

    • in an entire organization structure, or

    • across multiple organizations

  • Records added through direct entry, self-registration or data import

  • Send messages to one or multiple people or entire group

  • Select between work and home email/phone for primary contact

  • Specify work phone and work email for the organization

  • Keep quick notes and attach secured documents for each person

  • Upload photo for official use or access person’s profile picture



  • Keep up-to-date through manual and automated profile update request

  • Reminders and escalation process ensures responsiveness for updates


System Access

  • Access from anywhere, any device with an Internet connection

  • Operates using the 5 most popular browsers



  • Integrates seamlessly with:Communication, Credentials, Badge and Registry functions

  • System API allows manual or automated update of staff and customer records

Most people have multiple roles—they work, serve on committees, volunteer and move between multiple groups in the course of a day.  This tool makes managing the people in your life—employees, contractors, committee members, volunteers—easy and effective.  Managing multiple groups with overlapping membership is not a problem, each person’s record is entered once, while information related to that person is available based on role and security.  Changes to contact or other information is immediately available to everyone, without rekeying to different files. Mi-People lets you manage your people, your way.




When used across a community or enterprise, Mi-People allows users to manage people who fulfill multiple roles, without rekeying or duplicating information.  Different departments or organizations can share person information as needed, but also can keep information private while leaving a group member’s contact or other information accessible to others who need it.  Removing a person from one group does not remove that person from the system, so changes are simpler and information is never lost.  



Periodically, the system will automatically email people in your groups, requesting confirmation or update of contact and other information.  This is a quick and efficient way to maintain current information on an entire contact list, no matter how large.  Since each individual updates their own information, there is less likelihood of keying errors, and no need for you or data entry staff to spend days or weeks updating an entire database.  You are notified about anyone who fails to respond after 3 reminders. Since the system is accessible from any device with internet access, your contacts can easily keep their information up to date, so you can be assured your message will reach the right people.



All functions within the i-INFO system work together easily, and you can easily add people, organizations or assets you manage and use them as desired. Additionally, i-INFO is compatible with a growing number of systems allowing you to manage information seamlessly and easily no matter what your task.



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