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Mi‑Orgs: At a Glance



  • Maintain any organizational structure or list

  • Helps maintain up-to-date view of key information for directory

    • agency overview

    • agency key contacts

    • staff, responders, volunteers

    • assets / resources


  • Share key contacts, by type, with other i-INFO Apps


  • Linked access other Apps (Mi-Comm, Mi-People) from each org


  • Send update requests to responsible individuals

    • One or more selected persons

    • organizational contacts

    • all people within an organization


Managed Updates:

  • Displays when an org contact or licensed user logins onto an i-INFO Dashboard


  • Displays names for all organizations user can access


  • Shows total number of people and orgs within an org structure

    • departments, divisions, agencies, sub-orgs


  • Reflects number of contacts that have not updated within a certain period of time

    • persons (profiles)

    • organization contacts


  • Drills down org structure for monitoring accuracy and recent updates.

Organizations (Orgs) and Org structures exist in many forms in both public and private entities. Individual orgs whether departments, division, work groups, committees or response teams can be entered and maintained within the key contact directory. The Mi-Orgs function simplifies the way in which all organization and agency level information is monitored, managed and maintained as current information for both internal and external information is shared with other agencies and key contacts within the group.  


Key Capabilities

As with many function within the i-INFO system, managing updates for each agency can be distributed or assigned to separate individuals within those agencies. The Mi-Orgs function helps all designated individuals in each organization to track how recently agency information has been updated and provides tools to allow direct access to confirm or update organizational information that is provided to others through the i-INFO directories.


Directory Access

Organization information is always available at the level of precision you want and need. Directory information is maintained by each participating agency, with scheduled confirmation or update requests to ensure information accuracy. Participating organizations can include emergency contacts and define lines of succession for each agency. 


Mobile Access

Authorized users can access agency physical and web addresses, daily and emergency key contacts from anywhere by using the mobile access link on , iPhone, Android and other Internet enabled mobile devices. This function allows increased mobile access to critical contacts.


Update Reminders

Periodic virtual exercises remind users to update their information and ensure every person stays connected and accessible. These biannual tests help ensure that firewalls, filters and email addresses have not changed and still allow contact by the system. When individual users participate in the test or exercise, in addition to confirming their information, they confirm their ability to receive and access secure information.


System Integration

The Org function and associated information seamlessly integrates with all of the other functions of i-INFO and is primarily used to define ownership of resource information within the system.





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